What we do

1. A full service strategic communications and PR offering

We believe in getting to know our clients — getting to the very DNA of their business before working with them to create a PR strategy that delivers. And underpinning every campaign is a hard working press office creating news and harnessing the current news agenda to get our clients’ voice heard.

2. Social Media

Whether you’re trying to raise your profile, sell your business or understand your audience more we’ll show you clearly how social media channels can help. Whether it’s the main thrust of a new PR strategy or needs to be added to an existing programme our experts know how to make it fit and make it productive.

3. Media Relations

We have personal and established relationships across all media platforms. Alongside PR professionals we have working journalists on our team who have genuine and established contacts across the media. Our hands-on media expertise means we can also train clients to handle the tough and not so tough media interviews.

4. Brand Journalism

We believe creating content for businesses and organizations is a crucial part of any integrated PR strategy. Content is about creating an experience for and connecting with customers, prospects, brand enthusiasts and even critics. We can help you create engaging content which will resonate with customers, employees and the communities within which you conduct your business.